I.T. Technical Support

When you’re in need of I.T. Technical Support in Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia, you may rely on our secure, certified, and licensed team to help you with any computer problem you experience. Get assistance with any computer technical issues from our staff of experienced XPERTS with installation, replacement, maintenance, and networking.


$99 / Hour

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to your home, office or where ever you need tech support.


$89 / Hour

helping you by Remote access of your device

By Phone

$69 / Hour

helping you solve any technical issue over the phone.

via Email

$39 / Solution

send us an email with description of your problem and we will reply with a solution.

Certified and experienced in full range of Operating Systems and platforms

Microsoft Windows

Apple Macintosh


Our Services


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    Hardware installation

    by adding or upgrading your system with a new hard drive, RAM or Graphic card.

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    Software Installation

    of security, processing, and gaming applications and Operating System installation.

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    Network Installation

    of WIFI and wireless routers for home or office networking.

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    Data Recovery

    Backup, restore and transfer of valuable data from old or broken malfunctioned computer and safe storage in a backup device or new computer

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    Virus Removal

    with full scan and removal of Virus, bots, Trojans to protect your data against hackers and cyber thieves and boost your computer speed.



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    System Security & Protection

    Anti-virus and internet security maintenance to protect against identity thefts.

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    Optimization & Tune Up

    to get rid of junks unwanted files and applications, fixing registration for faster boot up time and faster computer

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    Data Back Up and Transfer

    from old or broken computers to another computer.



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